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Infographics & Data Visualizations

Samples of my design work in educational and professional contexts

THE CHALLENGE: Visually represent complex data and information in a clear, engaging, and easily digestible format to effectively convey a specific message to the target audience

MY ROLE: Start-to-finish design from concepting to final polished versions 

TOOLS: Figma, Illustrator

Bentley University HFID Master's Program Infographics 

Bentley Equity Experience Infographic

The Bentley Equity Experience (BEX) initiative hopes to improve campus climate by better understanding the lived experiences of Bentley University community members. Utilizing data collected in a campus climate survey in the Fall of 2021, our Information Visualization class was challenged to create infographics that dug deeper into the data and brought forward less immediately evident implications of survey responses.


My focus centered on non-white disabled undergraduates and their significantly elevated experiences of discrimination. I structured the infographic to tell a coherent story that describes the problem across several different dimensions and offers informed suggestions for how Bentley could improve the experiences of these students. 

Version 1: Black & White Draft 


Version 2: Color + Revisions Based on Class Feedback  


Version 3: Final Infographic with Revisions Based on BEX Representative Feedback

Bentley Equity Experience Infographic

Net Zero Infographic

Our class also partnered with a professor at Bentley who specializes in renewable energy to create instructive Net Zero infographics. Students were provided with a list of information to include, but there were no strict guidelines as to how it should be structured. I chose to divide actions for going Net Zero into three main categories to avoid overwhelming viewers with information and provide clarity on their options. My infographic demonstrates how individuals in Massachusetts can progressively update their homes to produce as much energy as they consume, with a goal of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. All icons are original, created by me from scratch in Figma. 

NetZero Infographic

InCrowd Data Visualizations

In a contract graphic design role for InCrowd, I created infographics to represent data gathered from surveys of medical professionals on complex issues in the industry. I typically produced at least one of these graphics per day in this role. All graphics and vector illustrations are original and were created in Adobe Illustrator.

Patient Misconceptions Graphic
Healthcare News Graphic
Precision Medicine Graphic
Precision Medicine Graphic
Cardiologist Graphic
Cardiologist Patient Volume Graphic
Social Work Graphic
Social Work Graphic
ACA vs. AHCA Graphic

Additional Infographics

Below is a sampling of infographics from various other past roles, including additional work for InCrowd.  

InCrowd Persona Research Infographic
2016 Research Infographic
What's a Good SAT Score Infographic
SH&P Infographic (Fake Project)
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