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J.Jill Online Catalog

An embedded catalog online shopping experience created in the Ceros software

to drive customer engagement 

TIMELINE: 2 months

THE CHALLENGE: Seamlessly integrate the Ceros software and design a unified, cross-platform online catalog experience in collaboration with the e-commerce team

MY ROLE: Design of the catalog experience from start to finish, presentation of the final product to executives 


TOOLS: Ceros, Photoshop

J.Jill partnered with a company called Ceros to create a standalone online catalog experience. I was placed in charge of learning the Ceros software, creating the design, and working with the e-commerce team to bring the experience to life within the J.Jill site. This entailed designing desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the catalog while ensuring cross-platform ease of navigation for the customer. I owned design of all layouts, interactions and animations across five different pages. 

2-Month Ceros Catalog Design Process

Ceros Process.png

Desktop Design

Mobile Design

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